Imagine a world consisting of emotionally intelligent workforces, full of resilient and confident leaders.

The EDGE develops and nurtures people to help them thrive, lead and deliver top performance, even in the face of uncertainty and instability.

Here's the truth.

The world around us is changing at an incredible speed.


And as leaders, we need adaptable & agile businesses.

But this can only happen if we have adaptable & agile people.

So how exactly are successful leaders upskilling their teams to develop the mindset, skills and capabilities required for a rapidly-changing future, while continuing to lead their business?

The solution.

The EDGE: a transformative development journey, built around your team’s busy schedule, that drives behaviour change, improves performance and enhances impact.

Take your talent to the next level, in an affordable & scalable way.

The EDGE is a fully interactive, live 10 month online programme that covers all 4 phases to create resilience and motivation in the workforce. The EDGE empowers corporate manager to take control of their own development, creates accountability and encourages community, to make growth happen FAST.

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Measurable Gains

Designed for a modern workforce facing real-world challenges, The EDGE will measurably increase your team’s performance within 6 months, with noticeable improvements after just 4 weeks. You'll receive regular quarterly reports so you can keep informed of your team's engagement and performance.

Maximum Impact

Hands-on, interactive and practical learning with dynamic, inspirational and highly-effective training and resources curated by top experts, including the core skill sets needed for emerging leaders to thrive in 2024 and beyond.

Continuous Development

Carefully crafted development journey with holistic ongoing support and guidance (unlike one-on-one solutions that lose impact over time) from a community of highly experienced coaches and experts.


2025 applications now open

Reservation deadline: November 30 2024
Cohort starts: February 2025
Only £1750 per person: includes full access to the programme for 10 months. (Discounts are available for volume.)

Limited availability: click here to book now

Transformative syllabus of training and resources that develops mindset, agility, influence and impact.

Proven, license-based, scalable solution designed with your organisation's needs and budget in mind.

Live, interactive and action-focused monthly sessions delivered across different time zones.

Cost effective with maximum impact, to suit busy schedules and requires no time out of the office.

Community that expand networks, learning from others and increases thought diversity.

Improved engagement, retention and performance across your global workforce.

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The results.

Stronger teams:

  • A greater understanding of where they can ‘step up’ and the practical tools and skills to do so.
  • Heightened awareness, adaptability and confidence in the face of change, challenge and uncertainty.
  • Clarity on where to focus energy and resources especially during times of heightened pressure and stress.
  • Advanced interpersonal skills for greater effectiveness in achieving their agenda.
  • Significantly increased impact in the business.
  • Accountability for their progress on actively enhancing and improving their performance.

“This is not just another leadership program. The EDGE program covers the aspects of an individual self-management. You need to be able to lead yourself before you can lead others.”

Freedom for leaders:

  • 2-5 hrs of time back per week due to fewer requests for 1 to 1s.
  • A more independent, influential team who need support only on the big stuff.
  • Focused people who manage themselves and their time, bringing you decisions rather than open questions.
  • Creative problem solvers who can reframe setbacks into opportunities to always move projects forward.
  • A team that is more productive and self-regulating under pressure.
  • Peace of mind that your team are getting the support to become better business leaders.

“The EDGE helps round off the average workers edges and gives them the tools to become a valuable asset.”

The EDGE is improving workplace performance.

We've collated our midway survey results from 2023, which shows significant shifts across competencies.


Of participants who improved performance at work within the first 6 months.


Positive shifts seen by Line Managers across of observable behaviours within 6 months.


Of participants who felt more confident within 6 months of being on The EDGE.


Would recommend The EDGE to a friend or colleague.

What participants think of The EDGE:

Profile photo of Felice Zieger"It makes me stop and think and, most important, act! And it doesn't stop there, because I talk a lot about my learnings in the wider organization, so I believe the impact of this program is huge."

Felice Zieger, VP People & Culture, Atlas Copco

Profile photo of Christian Schumacher"I recommend this valuable training for leaders, because you get a wide scope of important skills and tools to train & learn about. This helps you in your daily business to match your role as a leader and to reach your business results with your team."

Christian Schumacher, Production Manager, Atlas Copco

Profile photo of Kirsten van Wingerden"Powerful experts, empowering sessions! I really like the practical exercises that are supported with evidence. And there is always new information - that you did not know before."

Kirsten Wingerden, Executive Assistant, MetrixLab

Profile photo of Hazel Abbs"I always look forward to the live sessions and have enjoyed seeing the different 'take' or new information presented on leadership topics. The positivity of Jodie and her team is infectious and some of the sessions very engaging."

Hazel Abbs, Customer Development Learning Manager, Unilever

Profile photo of Damian Kula"The EDGE is a worthwhile program for a multitude of reasons. Some being that it takes people out of their comfort zones and asks for participation. They preach for involvement and praise the willing for doing so. It's important to understand that you will only get out what you put in and with the diverse trainers having all sorts of backgrounds it makes it easier to relate or peak interest."

Damian Kula, Planning Lead , Atlas Copco

Profile photo of Jennah Fakhouri"I love the EDGE. It's a highlight of my month."

Jennah Fakhouri, Global eCommerce Agile Manager, Unilever

Profile photo of Matthew Daniels"To all my fellow managers that want to be the very best in today's world - whether it be in work and home. The Edge Program has the tools to enable you to perform and be your best self. Some might say become Leading EDGE."

Matthew Daniels, Artwork Innovation Manager, Unilever

Meet the experts.

Over 300 participants from more than 30 organisations across the world, come together online each month for a two-hour live interactive training session designed by experts in their fields and delivered by a dynamic line up of facilitators.

Podcast Artwork

Aldo Kane

Former Royal Marines Commando Sniper


Tendayi Viki

Innovation Consultant

Jodie Rogers Headshot

Jodie Rogers

Leadership & Mental Fitness Expert

Symbia Edge

Dr. David Wilkinson

Ambiguity & Uncertainty Expert

Sam Kiani

Sam Kiani

Lead facilitator, trainer & coach


Bobby Bovell

Inclusive Leadership Consultant

Nicky Perfect Headshot

Nicky Perfect

Former Hostage Negotiator & Communications Trainer


Andy Lopata

Professional Relationship Strategist

Symbia Edge

Des Christofi

Executive Coach & Facilitator


Accredited by The Institute of Leadership & Management

The EDGE is recognised as a worthy and engaging programme for developing leaders, by The Institute of Leadership and Management. Upon completion of our programme, qualifying participants will receive a certificate and MinstLM credentials.

Download The EDGE brochure for full details:

Limited availability: click here to book now

Who is The EDGE for?


Looking to take their corporate leadership skills to the next level.


Who want to expand their influence and impact through the business.

L&D & HR Professionals

Ready to be at the forefront of leadership development.


Motivated to enhance their skills and boost their corporate careers.

Support Functions

Looking to enhance their business partnering skills & learn to lead.

Senior Leaders

Looking to network and collaborate with other senior leaders across the world.

How do I enrol my team?

Download The EDGE brochure for more details about the schedule, syllabus, trainers, and discover our 2022 and 2023 results. Feel free to reach out to our team via email with any questions you have.

You'll be invited to schedule a call with Jodie Rogers, CEO of The EDGE and Symbia, to discuss your organisation's suitability and requirements, and we'll share more detailed programme timings as well as your bespoke quotation based on your team numbers.

Nominate your team members to be put forward for The EDGE - we only need a few details from you and we'll take care of the rest.

Your nominated team members will be invited to apply for a place on the programme. They need to demonstrate their commitment and sense of agency right from the start – we only take motivated people. You will be notified about the outcome of applications.

Once the programme has commenced, you'll receive a quarterly update on your team’s performance, attendance and engagement, so that you can stay informed about how your team is developing.

Limited availability: click here to book now