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  • Who We Are

    Symbia was founded on a simple idea: that there’s a direct, symbiotic relationship between our teams and ourselves, that our workplaces and our well-being are intertwined. Work is so much more than just a job—it’s where we spend half our waking lives. Each of us at Symbia transitioned from corporate to consulting so that we could make work a better place to be.

  • How We Help Teams

    We recognise that the key to working well is by embracing the reality that humans are emotional beings, and teams of humans are emotional teams. We teach people how to better understand and regulate their thoughts, emotions, and reactions, allowing them to show up for themselves and for one another in a more effective way. We call this approach Mental Fitness: building mental strength, resilience, and agility to help us be better proactively, not just when crisis strikes.

  • What We Believe

    Working on ‘Mental Fitness’ may sound like self-help, not a solution to a business problem but that’s exactly the kind of mis-perception we aim to correct. Through decades of experience both as leaders on the inside and as consultants on the outside, we believe that every opportunity and challenge a business faces is amplified by the ability of its teams to capitalise on or overcome them. A business strategy is only as strong as its teams are motivated.

  • What We Aim To Achieve

    Symbia was built on this core idea—the symbiotic relationship between the mental fitness of people and the business performance of the teams they’re part of. That to do what’s good for a business, we have to do what’s good for the people that make it run. Each of us at Symbia transitioned from corporate to consulting so that we could make work a better place to be. One session, one person at a time.

Core Team

Our team encompasses an array of competencies beyond professional development, such as psychology, qualitative & quantitative research, human resources, marketing, branding, design, and corporate education for industries including healthcare, tech, telecom, financial services, consumer goods, and non-profit organisations.

We draw from this vast experience to deliver beyond the brief for our clients and their teams.

Jodie Rogers

Founder & Managing Director

Jodie has the unique ability to find what makes people tick, helping them be more engaged in their work, more empowered and productive for their teams and business. As a former corporate insider with 20 years of experience working in and on global businesses, combined with a background in psychology and interpersonal communications, she founded Symbia to build more resilient and effective teams and leaders everywhere.

Kate Hickey

Director of Operations

Kate is the organizational machine who keeps Symbia’s projects running smoothly. With a diverse background in Journalism, Digital Marketing, and a Master’s in Education, Kate understands the value of mental fitness through a myriad of lenses. Her enthusiasm and energy invigorates our team and clients.

María Piquer

Project Co-ordinator

Maria is a master of organisation and the one behind the curtain at Symbia supporting our team and project needs to ensure that all the parts tick and hum. She has diverse experience in administration, planning for sales, and marketing. Maria’s positivity and commitment means she’s the perfect person to be our department and client liaison.

Martina Maguire

Project Co-ordinator

Martina is the person striving to ensure all of our projects run smoothly, from concept to delivery, making sure all boxes are ticked and our clients are well informed throughout the process. She comes from a strong marketing and events background, both within the public and private sectors. Her excellent communication skills, enable her to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Martina loves nothing more than delivering positive results, consistently.

Hannah Benton

Qualitative Researcher

Hannah is an expert in consumer research and possesses dual qualitative and quantitative capabilities. She takes a holistic solution-oriented approach to each challenge she’s given. She brings enthusiasm and channels her knowledge of people to positively impact teams. At Symbia, Hannah turns data and insights into compelling stories for our clients.


Emma Jarvis

Qualitative Researcher

Emma’s extensive experience in qualitative research spans across all sectors. She is highly skilled at managing various competing stakeholders and navigating a project from inception to insight with an extraordinary range of clients. Her two decades of agency and client experience make her an important part in our Symbia diagnosis process.


Jordan Rodger

Learning Designer

Jordan specialises in behaviour change for leadership and management, focusing on wellbeing, personal effectiveness, and diversity and inclusion. His experience in developing organisational learning & change programmes, coupled with his passion for psychology and behavioural science enables him to create positive change in the workplace. Jordan designs engaging content for our workshops and webinars.


Katy Hoogerwerf

HR Co-ordinator

Katy is a solution-oriented, design-led thinker, passionate about sustainable business strategies and wellbeing in the workplace. Her diverse background has evolved from designing how people experience brands to, as an HR professional, how they experience their work life. She is a certified Holistic Nutritionist that brings her experience in wellness, business, and human behavior to grow and engage the Symbia team.


Pablo Langa

Corporate Education Tech Advisor

Pablo has dedicated his professional life to the global business of training and education through effective use of technology, with 15 years in the education technology space. Pablo’s expertise and long standing relationships ensures we get the best team(s) to support us through the implementation of our programs.

Our global facilitator network

Symbia works with a dynamic network of facilitators around the globe, to ensure our content and work sessions align with the languages, customs and cultures of global teams.