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workplace mental health - picture of 3 women smiling at work

Workplace Mental Health: How to Build a Culture of Mental Fitness in Your Organisation

Workplace mental health goes beyond 'curing' mental ill health. Learn how organisations can build and benefit from a culture of mental fitness.
holistic well-being

Holistic Well-Being: Why the Future of Well-Being is About Whole People

Holistic well-being: What is it, and why is the future of well-being about whole people rather than just people at work? Read to find out.

Brave Leadership: 5 Principles That Enable Teams to Thrive

What is brave leadership, and how can leaders put it into practice? For leaders, bravery means showing up even when it's uncomfortable. Here are 5 principles of brave leaders that enable teams to thrive.

How to Manage Stress to Increase Team Effectiveness

True team effectiveness boils down to one thing: courage. If leaders lack the bravery to make tough decisions and stick with them, their teams will never be able to achieve their potential. This article will share practical ways to manage stress so that you can be braver and increase your team’s effectiveness. It’s not as…

3 Easy Ways To Check In With Your Virtual Team

Often, a lot of the team leaders we work with fail to check in with their teams as much as they should. This is normally due to a few reasons: There’s too much going on in the business that checking in with someone on something not work-related is forgotten or dismissed An assumption that what’s…

The Four Best Performance Mindsets that Get Business Results

In the countless workshops we’ve run over the years, we’ve seen many mindsets. To help you, we’ve come up with a shortlist of the top four best mindsets that get business results. Mindset 1: Realistic Optimism vs Pessimism Often, there’s an impression that people who are optimistic always look on the bright side of life,…

How to Keep Up With Fast-Paced Work Environments – Without Losing your Mind!

These days we’ve all had to work hard to keep up with the pace of the world, and it’s having an effect on us. We can all keep up, but we can also very quickly lose our minds! This affects our sleep, stress levels and ultimately, our overall performance. So, how can we learn to…

How To Nurture Mental Fitness In the Workplace

As we discussed in a previous post, Mental Fitness is all about focusing on the ‘inner game’ of your staff. It’s about building up mental resilience and agility in each member of your team, so they are well equipped to face the challenges of an ever-changing workplace. But for many leaders out there, nurturing this…

Under the skin of teams

For the last decade, Symbia has worked with leaders and their teams in countries on every continent. We’ve worked in industries from FMCG and aviation, to finance, telecommunications and entertainment, as well as across marketing, legal, supply chain, and R&D functions. We’ve worked up and down the food chain from interns to CEOs – irrespective…