Your team's performance, and your ability to sustain it over time, scales exponentially with your team members' mental resilience and drive.

The Hidden Edge provides you the guide to unlock peak performance, catalyse change and turn strategy into action.


About Jodie Rogers

Eminent leadership and team development expert Jodie Rogers delivers an inspiring and insightful journey into managing the most important asset of all—the human mind.

You’ll learn how to leverage perspective, mindset, values, and emotions to master your mental fitness and improve business performance.

You’ll find out how improved mental acuity makes business sense for your organisation and has a real and measurable impact on your company’s bottom-line.

"Perfect for forward-thinking business leaders, HR professionals, and anyone seeking to accelerate growth, enable change, and improve adaptability in their organisations, The Hidden Edge is the ideal resource for anyone wanting to unlock the secrets to greater productivity and fulfilment in work and in life."

Uncover the secret to achieving sustainable performance

Too often we just default to external factors being prioritised in business: budget, business plans, investment, market dynamics, and so on. These matter – but they are not as important as the people behind them.

If we want businesses that are agile and adaptable to change, we first need people who are. Flexible business models are meaningless if we don’t also have agile mindsets and behaviours. Your people are your business’s most important asset. If we want resilient businesses, we must build resilient teams, and to do this we need to empower them with the knowledge and tools to understand and leverage their most important asset – their minds. This book is the first step.


Featuring interviews with


Tim Munden
Chief Learning and Development Officer


Matthew McCarthy
CEO Ben & Jerry's


Shawn Conway
CEO Peet's Coffee


Marcus Hunt
Head of Health & Wellbeing Johnson and Johnsons EMEA region


Aldo Kane
Adventurer, Record Setter and former Royal Marines Commando


Nathalie Slechte
Chief Human Resources Officer JDE

What this book will give you

  • An understanding of what Mental Fitness is and why it matters, including the business case for investing in mental fitness and how it positively affects the bottom line.
  • An indispensable guide to applying key psychological concepts to modern business. The concepts are brought to life through engaging stories, examples, and behind-the-scenes, practical case-studies from companies and organisations pioneering the Mental Fitness in Business movement.
  • Simple and powerful exercises, techniques that you can implement immediately and 25 tools to help you enhance your own mental fitness and that of your teams

From developing awareness and empathy, to overcoming stress and anxiety, you’ll learn how to develop the mental and emotional tools you need to create a permanent competitive advantage in your firm.

What is Mental Fitness?

An athlete needs more than just potential: they work every day to maintain the physical fitness that lets them make that potential real. On the playing field, it is not enough to know what to do: you have to put in the work to act sooner and better than the opponent.

The same goes for business – Mental Fitness is the measure of a person’s mental resilience, agility and focus. Like physical fitness, it is the result of training, care, and attention. For mental fitness, learning how to better understand and regulate our thoughts, emotions and reactions, will allow us to show up for ourselves and for one another in a more effective way.