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The Hidden Edge of Team Performance

Episode 9: Recap: Welcome to The Hidden Edge of Team Performance, With Symbia MD Jodie Rogers

For this episode of The Hidden Edge podcast, we are revisiting our introductory session, to reflect on the importance of mental fitness as the 'hidden edge of team performance' and refresh your understanding of this podcast's 'why'. To that end, your host Jodie Rogers dives into what mental fitness is and why it matters for your team and your organisation.
What is Mental Fitness and Why Is It the Only Advantage That Matters in Business

Episode 8: How To Survive Fast-Paced Work Environments (Without Losing Your Mind!), With Symbia MD Jodie Rogers

How do we thrive in our fast-paced work environment with positive energy and sustainable performance? Jodie Rogers shares 5 ways to protect yourself mentally from the growing pressures and perils of work in 2022, and beyond.
Jodie Rogers Hidden Edge Podcast

Episode 7: How to Avoid Business as Usual on Monday, With Symbia MD Jodie Rogers

Learn how Symbia MD Jodie Rogers helps teams and leaders carry the change from her workshops forward into the workplace so that they don't get sucked back into 'business as usual' on the first Monday after a session.
Breaking the stigma of mental ill health with Geoff McDonald podcast episode

Episode 6: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Ill Health and Democratizing Mental Fitness, With Geoff McDonald

Keynote speaker, business transformation advisor, mental health campaigner, and former Global VP of Human Resources for Unilever Geoff McDonald talks with Jodie about ending the stigma of depression and anxiety in the workplace and fixing the 'broken brand' of mental health to create a more inspiring, aspirational model of mental fitness.
holistic well-being toni cairns

Episode 5: The Future of Mental Fitness: A Holistic Approach to Employee Wellbeing, With Toni Cairns, JDE Global HR Director

Mental fitness can be a game-changer if we leverage it as a resource, and completely holds us back if we don't. How can we expect corporate attitudes and approaches to this crucial success factor to change in the coming years? Toni Cairns of JDE explains why companies must shift to a holistic approach to their employees' inner game.
Bravery of Being Vulnerable Matthew McCarthy

Episode 4: Mental Fitness and the Bravery of Being Vulnerable, With Ben & Jerry’s CEO Matthew McCarthy

How can you enhance your mental fitness and that of your team and have the bravery to be vulnerable as a leader? Matthew McCarthy, CEO of Ben & Jerry's, shares how he has embraced the inner game and sheds light on the importance of being brave as a leader by being vulnerable.

Episode 3: Relationship-Building Lessons With Hostage & Crisis Negotiator Nicky Perfect

How can you communicate in crises and uncertain environments in a way that builds relationships and leads to positive outcomes? With 30 years at the Met Police and a decade as a hostage and crisis negotiator for Scotland Yard, Nicky has many stories to tell about the importance of listening, communication and resilience.

Episode 2: Thriving In Chaos With Ex Royal Marine Commando and Extreme TV Adventurer Aldo Kane

How can your team be agile and thrive under high-stakes, high octane conditions? Former Royal Marine Commando and Extreme TV Adventurer Aldo Kane shares why brains (specifically, emotional intelligence and mental fitness) are a more lasting legacy of Royal Marines training than mere brawn.

Episode 1: Welcome to The Hidden Edge of Team Performance

This mini introductory episode tells you what The Hidden Edge of Team Performance is all about. What is ‘Mental Fitness’ and why is it the hidden edge of performance? Why are we talking about it and why now?