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Episode 2: Thriving In Chaos With Ex Royal Marine Commando and Extreme TV Adventurer Aldo Kane

How can your team be agile and thrive under high-stakes, high octane conditions? Former Royal Marine Commando and Extreme TV Adventurer Aldo Kane shares why brains (specifically, emotional intelligence and mental fitness) are a more lasting legacy of Royal Marines training than mere brawn.

He also opens up to Jodie about how he uses this skill set as a safety service provider for large TV and film productions, often in hostile and extreme locations. His insights have profound implications for teams who want to thrive in a chaotic work environment. Enjoy!

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In this show, you’ll learn what Mental Fitness is, the research and science behind it, along with real life stories to demonstrate how it is indeed a competitive advantage in life and business. Visit for more. Jodie Rogers, Symbia Founder & Managing Director, talks to C-suite leaders of global companies, adventurers, world record holders and entrepreneurs about ‘Mental Fitness’ and how to leverage it for performance.

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