The Future of Mental Fitness: A Holistic Approach to Employee Wellbeing, With Toni Cairns, JDE Global HR Director

Mental fitness can be a game-changer if we leverage it as a resource, and completely holds us back if we don't. How can we expect corporate attitudes and approaches to this crucial success factor to change in the coming years?

Toni Cairns, Global Director of HR at Jacobs Douwe Egberts, has long been ahead of the curve on employee wellbeing and mental fitness.

As wellbeing evolves from being regarded as a source of competitive advantage to playing a far more essential role in compensation, Toni shares with Jodie how we can approach wellbeing holistically, as basic hygiene rather than an add-on. In the post-pandemic workforce, companies will need not only to compensate their employees for doing a good job, but also to provide tools for protecting and enhancing their inner game.

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