Episode 9: Recap: Welcome to The Hidden Edge of Team Performance, With Symbia MD Jodie Rogers

The Hidden Edge of Team Performance

For this episode of The Hidden Edge podcast, we are revisiting our introductory session, to reflect on the importance of mental fitness as the ‘hidden edge of team performance’ and refresh your understanding of this podcast’s ‘why’. To that end, your host Jodie Rogers dives into what mental fitness is and why it matters for your team and your organisation.

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Episode 5: The Future of Mental Fitness: A Holistic Approach to Employee Wellbeing, With Toni Cairns, JDE Global HR Director

holistic well-being toni cairns

Mental fitness can be a game-changer if we leverage it as a resource, and completely holds us back if we don’t. How can we expect corporate attitudes and approaches to this crucial success factor to change in the coming years? Toni Cairns of JDE explains why companies must shift to a holistic approach to their employees’ inner game.

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Why Mental Fitness Matters in Business

Think about this for a second. Companies, organisations, businesses, teams, what are they? They are just a collection of humans. Our emotions, thoughts, doubts, insecurities and biases are all part of business, whether we like it or not. It means they are also part of the big decisions. So what happens when a business faces…

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